• Unlike the Reposado and Anejo, the Joven is unaged Artisanal Mezcal produced by blending unaged blanco, straight from the distillation process, and aged tequila to get the perfect balance.

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  • The rarest and the most exquisite form of Artisanal Mezcal in the world, the Reposado is a specialty at Aguila Serpiente. Aged far longer than the Anejo, we age the Reposado for just the right amount of time before it becomes perfect for bottling.

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  • One of the most popular products we sell, the Anejo is Aguila Serpienteā€™s Artisanal Mezcal aged for over a year in an oak barrel to give off an exquisite taste. The ageing process instills a complex, rich, and smooth smoky flavor to the Anejo.

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