Premium Mezcal from Oaxaca

Oaxaca, southern Mexico, is a region known for its unique handicrafts, stunning colonial architecture, and fascinating ancient sites. But, that’s not all. Oaxaca is also the best place to try Mezcal – a famous distillate made from the agave plant.

Enjoy Premium Quality Artisanal Mezcal made in Oaxaca, a drink deeply rooted in the local culture of the region.

Original Mezcal with History

AguilaSerpiente is a family-owned and operated business in Oaxaca that descended from the indigenous people. Our forefathers perfected the art of making Mezcal, and we believe it is our duty to preserve our heritage and history through AguilaSerpiente.

From the agave plant extraction process to the Mezcal making and bottling process, we follow the highest quality standards throughout to ensure customer satisfaction.

We thrive in making fine Mezcal that enriches the taste & soul.

—  AguilaSerpiente

Eagle Mountain and Serpent Waterfall


Is the Freshest and purest mezcal of it’s kind and is unaged.


One of the most popular Mezcal’s aged up to 6 months in Oak Barrels.


Aged for more than a year in Oak barrels, this is the
most sought after Mezcal that has been reserved only
for those who can appreciate its highly
complex, rich, and smooth flavor.

Mezcal with Respect of Historical Traditions

The Patron is the owner of AguilaSerpiente and he personally oversees the production of each batch to ensure the finest quality and taste in all of the batches we produce.

At AguilaSerpiente, our goal is to produce unique batches of the finest drink that you will ever taste. The artisanal mezcal from AguilaSerpiente is the purest you can get. Meant to be sipped and savored, not mixed, each AguilaSerpiente is the product of our Maestro Mescalero’s hard work.

Unique Mezcal from Maestro Mescaleros

Each batch comprises the finest work done by our Maestro Mescaleros to make sure you get unique, rare, and ultra-fine artisanal mezcal. Take advantage of this opportunity to experience the best mezcal you will ever taste.