Clean Water from Oaxaca Mountain

The esteemed Aguila Serpiente Mezcal was founded in Matatlan in Oaxaca, Mexico. This traditional distillery is located right in the heart of Matatlán, the birthplace of the artisanal Mezcal in Mexico. This facility overlooks the majestic Eagle Mountain and the Serpent Waterfall. Its stunning location says something about the artisanal mezcal produced here.

At Aguila Serpiente, our focus is on creating the highest quality artisanal mezcal. Investing in a bottle of our mezcal gives you the most pleasant and satisfying experiences! Each of the batches made at our facility is by a expert local Mescalero, and we utilize the freshest water and the most premium Agave grown right here in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Mezcal with Respect of Historical Traditions

The Patron is the owner of Aguila Serpiente and he personally oversees the production of each batch to ensure the finest quality and taste in all of the batches we produce. At Aguila Serpiente, our goal is to produce unique batches of the finest drink that you will ever taste. The artisanal mezcal from Aguila Serpiente is the purest you can get. Meant to be sipped and savored, not mixed, each Aguila Serpiente is the product of our Maestro Mescalero’s hard work.

Unique Mezcal from Maestro Mescaleros

Each batch comprises the finest work done by our Maestro Mescaleros to make sure you get unique, rare, and ultra-fine artisanal mezcal. Take advantage of this opportunity to experience the best mezcal you will ever taste.